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When You Are Treated at a Hospital

 When you go to a hospital or clinic for the first time, you must complete the necessary forms, such as for the specific medical department you need, at the reception area. When you receive treatment, be sure to take your health insurance certificate (kenko hoken-sho) with you. It will be helpful for the receptionist and for the doctor if you write down your address, telephone number and the general symptoms you are experiencing. Medical treatment is offered on a first-come, first-served basis; however, depending on the circumstances, the order in which patients are seen may be changed.


 Usually, the maximum amount of medicine that can be prescribed is for two weeks. Prescriptions may be dispensed to patients at the hospital pharmacy, however, in this case, the patient must pay at the accounting section before receiving his/her medicine. Some hospitals have a system by which the doctor writes a prescription and the patient purchases the appropriate medicine at a pharmacy outside of the hospital.


 If you are hospitalized for tests, treatment or surgery, you may be required to pay a deposit (hosho-kin) or to have a guarantor (hosho-nin) to cover hospital expenses. Some hospitals also require patients to bring their own pajamas, toiletries, tissue paper, dinnerware, change of clothes and slippers.

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