Mitaka City
Emergency Information

Ambulances and Fire Engines

 When you need a fire engine or an ambulance because of a fire, sudden illness or severe injury, dial 119 and your call will be connected to the Fire Department. Although there is no charge for the use of ambulances, please refrain from calling one for casual injuries or illnesses and use your own car or a taxi, since ambulances are emergency vehicles.

To Call an Ambulance

(1)Dial 119 (Fire Department).
You will be asked if you are calling to report a fire or to request an ambulance.
“Kaji (fire) desu ka, kyukyu (illness/injury) desu ka?”
You must answer by specifying the type of emergency (“kyukyu”) for which you are calling.

(2) Next, you will be asked what happened.
“Do shimashitaka?”
Respond by stating whether there is an illness (“byoki”) or injury (“kega”), and explain the physical conditions, if you can.

(3) Give your name, address and telephone number (even if you are calling from a public telephone), and describe an identifying landmark nearby to help the ambulance find the location.
Before the ambulance arrives, get your health insurance certificate and some cash ready. When you hear the siren, send someone outside to guide the ambulance to the house. Please keep the number of people accompanying you to the hospital to a minimum.

Be Prepared for a Fire

 If a fire breaks out, shout “Kaji da!” (Fire!) as loud as possible to alert your neighbors, call the Fire Department (119) and calmly conduct initial fire-fighting procedures. It is a good idea to be prepared on a regular basis by keeping a fire extinguisher on hand or water in your bathtub in your home, and by knowing the escape route in advance in case of a fire. Initial fire-fighting procedures must be abandoned once the flames reach the ceiling. Be careful that you do not become so absorbed in extinguishing a fire that you fail to secure an escape route for yourself.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

 Pull out the safety pin. 2. Point the hose towards the base of the fire. 3. Squeeze the lever and spray. 4. Spray at the flames closest to you, and gradually work around from the outside in a sweeping fashion to envelop the fire.

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