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Kindergarten (Yochien)

 There are 16 private kindergartens in Mitaka City.
 Private kindergartens accept applications for children three years old and older. Applications and information for entrance in the spring are available at each private kindergarten from around October. For details concerning admission requirements and application procedures, please contact the kindergarten of your choice.

Private Kindergartens

Kindergarten Name Address Tel
Keimei Kindergarten 15-14, Jindaiji 1-chome 0422-31-7457
Shunsei Gakuen Kindergarten 4-22, Shinkawa 4-chome 0422-44-0031
Chokyuji Gakuen Kindergarten 2-14, Osawa 2-chome 0422-31-9699
Fisher Kindergarten 35-4, Shinkawa 6-chome 0422-46-4334
Mitaka Kindergarten 20-6, Shimorenjaku 4-chome 0422-43-2904
Mitaka Kobato Kindergarten 16-18, Mure 4-chome 0422-48-8903
Mitaka Suginoko Kindergarten 15-10, Shimorenjaku 6-chome 0422-44-6463
Mitakadai Kindergarten 13-20, Inokashira 2-chome 0422-43-7417
Mitaka Nakahara Kindergarten 12-26, Nakahara 4-chome 0422-45-0669
Mitaka Nozomi Kindergarten 8-44, Mure 5-chome 0422-43-2565
Mitaka Futaba Kindergarten 3-7, Jindaiji 1-chome 0422-31-0260
Mitaka Mizuho Kindergarten 22-3, Iguchi 1-chome 0422-31-3508
Mitaka Wakaba Kindergarten 8-15, Kamirenjaku 8-chome 0422-45-2511
Mure Kindergarten 11-33, Mure 6-chome 0422-43-0806
Myojodai Kindergarten 24-1, Inokashira 5-chome 0422-43-7642
Meisen Kindergarten 4-44, Shimorenjaku 3-chome 0422-43-4814

Subsidies for Kindergarten

 In this program, fees for private kindergartens are reduced or waived; however, income restrictions apply.

Inquiries: Child Care Support Section, Child Affairs Department (ext. 2755)

Subsidies for Parents/Guardians

 In this program, subsidies help defer entrance fees and kindergarten fees.

Inquiries: Child Care Support Section, Child Affairs Department (ext. 2755)

Elementary and Junior High School

 Japan has a six-, three-, three-, four-year system of education. However, only nine years of schooling are mandatory: six years of elementary school (starting at age six) and three years of junior high school (from age 12). High school consists of three years and college of four, although these are not required. All schools begin their academic year in April.
 Foreign residents are not required to attend school, but parents may enroll or transfer their children to municipal elementary or junior high schools if they are of age. Please contact the number below if you would like to enroll your child in a municipal school.

Inquiries: School Affairs Subsection, School Affairs Section, Board of Education (ext. 3234)

Financial Assistance for School Expenses

 This program is for parents/guardians of children in Mitaka municipal elementary or junior high schools who are having financial difficulty. The subsidy can be applied to expenses for school supplies, commuting to/from school, extracurricular programs and school lunches.
Please obtain more information and an application form from the school, and return the completed form to the school.

Inquiries: School Affairs Subsection, School Affairs Section, Board of Education (ext. 3232)

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