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Electricity and Gas

Using the Electricity for the First Time

 Flipping the circuit breaker switch up connects the electricity supply. If the electricity works properly, complete the application postcard placed near the circuit breaker switch by writing your name, address and the date from which you started using the electricity, and send the postcard to the Tokyo Electric Power Company. If the electricity does not work even after switching the circuit breaker on, you should contact your local Tokyo Electric Power Company office. When you want to stop the electricity, such as when you move out, you must call the Tokyo Electric Power Company in advance. These procedures can be completed via the Internet or fax.

When There Is a Blackout in Your Home

 If you overload a circuit or there is a short-circuit, the electricity turns off automatically. If this happens, you should reduce the number of appliances in use and reset the circuit breaker switch. The electricity should go back on.

Inquiries: Tokyo Electric Power Company Tama Customer Center
Moving in or out/Change of Contract: Tel: 0120-995-661
Power Failures and Electricity Charges: Tel: 0120-995-662
If the Two Numbers Above Are Not Available: Tel: 042-202-2546 (toll charged)
Application by Fax: 0120-995-699
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (closed on Sundays and national holidays); Saturdays until 6:00 p.m.
Tokyo Electric Power Company website (in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)

Using the Gas Supply for the First Time

 Before you move into your new home, you must call the local Tokyo Gas Company in advance and they will open the main valve of the gas meter for you. At the same time, they will check that your gas appliances match the gas type supplied.
When you want to stop the gas supply, such as when you move out, you must call the Tokyo Gas Company in advance.
 These procedures can also be completed via the Internet.

Inquiries: Tokyo Gas Customer Center (Tel: 0570-002211)
If the Number Above Is Not Available: Tel: 0422-54-0111
Number Exclusively to Report Gas Leakage: Tel. 0570-002-299
If the abovementioned numbers cannot be used, please use 03-6735-8899.
Tokyo Gas Company website (in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)

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