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Public Facilities

Sports Facilities

Citizens’ Sports Center (Shimin Sogo Taiikukan)

 This facility can be used by individuals and by groups. First-time visitors should call the service counter of the gymnasium No. 2 (ext. 3329) or Facility Subsection, Sports Promotion Section of the Mitaka Board of Education (ext. 3327).
Address: Inside the Mitaka Civic Center, 1-1, Nozaki 1-chome
Main Facilities: Gymnasium No. 1 – Area for competitive sports (basketball, volleyball, badminton and ping-pong), meeting rooms (for conferences, training and lectures)
Gymnasium No. 2 – Area for competitive sports (judo, kendo, ping-pong, karate and gymnastics), indoor pool (for swimming competition), Japanese- and Western-style archery, training room (for weight training, etc.) and sumo area.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Address: Inside the Mitaka Civic Center, 1-1, Nozaki 1-chome
Tel: Ext. 3327
Who Can Use the Facilities: Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Mitaka City. However, preschool children are not permitted.
Closed: Mondays (If Monday is a national holiday, then the following day).
Fee (for two hours): ¥250 for adults, ¥100 for elementary and junior high school students

Osawa Sports Ground

Address: 7-1, Osawa 5-chome
Facilities: Baseball fields, softball/youth baseball fields, practice area, soccer/rugby field, tennis courts, and a meeting room.

Osawa Nogawa Ground

Address: 21-12, Osawa 5-chome
Facilities: Baseball fields (for youth hardball games and adult softball games), soccer/rugby field and tennis courts.

Kitano Underpass Sports Plaza

Address: 4-7, Kitano 1-chome
Facilities: Area for jogging, ball practice and other light exercise.

Kitano Sports Plaza

Address: 2, Kitano 3-chome
Facilities: Youth Baseball, Youth Soccer

Iguchi Special Grounds

Address: 6, Iguchi 1-chome
Facilities: Youth softball field, youth soccer field and gateball ground.

Tennis Courts

Shinkawa Tennis Courts 23-13, Shinkawa 6-chome Four courts

Gateball Grounds

Shimorenjaku Gateball Grounds 9-2, Shimorenjaku 9-chome Two courts

Private Sports Facilities Loaned to the City

ICU Baseball Ground 10-2, Osawa 3-chome

Japan Lutheran College Tennis Courts 10-20, Osawa 3-chome

Inquiries: Facility Subsection, Sports Promotion Section, Board of Education (ext. 3327)

Metropolitan Sports Facilities

Nogawa Park Osawa 6-chome Eight tennis courts and two gateball grounds.

Inquiries: Nogawa Park Service Center(Tel: 0422-31-6457)

Inokashira Park West Shimorenjaku 1-chome Six tennis courts and multi-purpose athletic grounds.

Inquiries: Inokashira Park West Maintenance Office (Tel: 0422-44-3796)

Open Elementary and Junior High School Gymnasiums

 The gymnasiums, grounds, and tennis courts of municipal elementary and junior high schools are left open as a local sports facility for city residents.
  Types of Individual Sports: Ping-pong, badminton, tennis, calisthenics, and basketball.
* For information on the facilities and their schedules, please read the city bulletin or call the Sports Promotion Section.

Inquiries: Facility Subsection, Sports Promotion Section, Board of Education (ext. 3327)

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