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Mitaka Municipal Resort Facility

Kawakamigo Nature Village (Kawakamigo Shizen-no Mura)

 Located in the health resort area on the plains of Takatoya of Kawakami Village, Nagano Prefecture, an area famous for its plateau vegetables, this facility was constructed as an extracurricular educational facility for municipal elementary and junior high schools. When not in use by schools, it can be used by wide range of residents. There are 15 rooms for general accommodations, and 30 rooms for group accommodations. The facility also has a gymnasium, and a camping area.
Fees (One night in a Japanese-style room with two meals): For general rooms, ¥4,500 or more for adults, ¥3,000 or more for elementary school students. For rooms for groups, ¥3,500 or more for adults, ¥2,400 or more for elementary school students. *For one room with two or more people.
Address: 591-362, Oazahara, Kawakami-mura, Minami Sakugun,Nagano-ken

Inquiries: For Reservations: Kawakamigo Nature Village
Tel: 0267-97-3206
For a Description of the Facilities: General Affairs Section, Board of Education (ext. 3214)

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