Mitaka City
Public Facilities


Mitaka Municipal Office 1-1, Nozaki 1-chome0422-45-1151
Citizen Counseling and Information Center0422-44-6600

Main City Facilities

Mitaka Ekimae Branch0422-42-5678
Mitakadai Branch0422-42-0511
East Mitaka Branch03-3326-8805
West Mitaka Branch0422-33-4531
Educational Center Mitaka Municipal Office(ext. 3250)
The Comprehensive Health Center0422-46-3254
Consumers’ Center0422-43-7874
Citizens’ Cooperation Center0422-46-0048
Social Education Hall0422-49-2521
East Social Education Hall0422-46-0408
West Social Education Hall0422-32-8765
East Children’s Center (Jidokan)0422-44-2150
West Children’s Center (Jidokan)0422-31-6039
Murasaki Children’s Plaza (Murasaki Kodomo Hiroba)0422-49-5500
Children and Family Support Center Sukusuku Hiroba0422-45-7710
Children and Family Support Center Nobinobi Hiroba0422-40-5925
Mitaka Library0422-43-9151
Shimorenjaku Library (inside Mitaka Social Education Hall)0422-43-9159
Tobu Library0422-49-3851
Seibu Library0422-33-1311
Mitaka Ekimae Library0422-71-0035
Nanbu Library0422-76-5571
Mitaka City Arts Center0422-47-9100
Mitaka City Gallery of Art0422-79-0033
Mitaka Seishintei0422-46-3922
Mitaka City Yuzo Yamamoto Memorial Museum0422-42-6233
Dazai Osamu Literary Salon0422-26-9150
Citizens’ Sports Center Mitaka Municipal Office (ext. 3329)
Mitaka Public Hall, Mitaka Municipal Office(ext. 2555)
Mitaka Picture Book House at the National Astronomical Observatory Forest0422-39-3401
Welfare Hall0422-46-1108
Kitano Happiness Center0422-48-6331
Volunteer Center0422-76-1271
Osawa Furusato Center0422-33-1835
NPO Flowers & Greenery Town Mitaka Creation Association 0422-31-2671
Mitaka Municipal Removed Bicycle Storage Facility0422-33-6967
Citizens’ Recycling Factory0422-34-3196
Citizens’ Health Resort - Hakone Mitaka Resort House0460-82-1116
Mitaka City Kawakamigo Nature Village0267-97-3206
Mitaka International Society for HOsPitality (MISHOP)0422-43-7812
Mitaka Industrial Plaza(Mitaka Town Management Organization)0422-40-9911
Mitaka Community Welfare Council0422-44-5211
Mitaka Tourist Information Center0422-40-5525

Community Centers

Osawa Community Center0422-32-6986
Mure Community Center0422-49-3441
Iguchi Community Center0422-32-7141
Inokashira Community Center0422-44-7321
Shinkawa Nakahara Community Center0422-49-6568
Renjaku Community Center0422-45-5100
Mitaka Ekimae Community Center0422-71-0025

Government Building Facilities

JR East Infoline (in English, Chinese, and Korean)050-2016-1603
Mitaka Post Office, collection and delivery0422-44-6081
Mitaka Post Office, savings services0422-44-6091
Japan Post Customer Service Consultation Center (in English)0570-046-111
NTT East Information0120-364-463
Hello Work Mitaka0422-47-8609
Mitaka Labor Standards Supervision Office0422-48-1161
Tama Fuchu Public Health Center042-362-2334
Mitaka Fire Department0422-47-0119
Mitaka Police Department0422-49-0110
Mitaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry0422-49-3111
Mitaka City Doctor’s Hall0422-47-2155
Musashino Tax Office0422-53-1311
Musashino Pension Office0422-56-1411
Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Fuchu Branch Office042-335-4753
Fuchu Driver’s License Test Center042-362-3591

Electricity, Gas and Water

Tokyo Electric Power Company, Tama Customer Center(Refer to page Electricity and Gas)
Tokyo Gas Customer Center(Refer to page Electricity and Gas)
Tama Customer Center, Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Refer to page Water)

Other Facilities

Inokashira Nature Garden0422-46-1100
National Astronomical Observatory, 0422-34-3600
Jindai Botanical Garden042-483-2300
The Middle Eastern Culture Center0422-32-7111
Asia-Africa Library0422-44-4640
ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum0422-33-3340

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Mitaka Municipal Office 1-1, Nozaki 1-chome, Mitaka City, 181-8555, Tokyo Tel:0422-45-1151(Main Switchboard) Access Mitaka City Office

Hours:Weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Closed:national holidays and during the December29 through January3)