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Mitaka Branded Produce, "Mitakasan" Now Available!

Since June 2008, Mitaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been developing new products made with agricultural produce from Mitaka.
From April onwards, tasty new breads and sweets developed using techniques specific to local bread and sweet shops and containing local fresh vegetables and fruits will be available from six shops in Mitaka. The packaging will feature many new design ideas, courtesy of Mitaka City designers. These new Mitaka branded "Mitakasan" are ideal as gifts or simply to enjoy in your home.
Inquiries: Mitaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry 49-3111
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Products now on sale bearing the brand name "Ureshii Mitakasan" (4 types)

Swiss roll (1) and parfait (2) packed with a lot of kiwi fruits
Rusks (3) and curry bread (4) made with seasonal vegetables and fruits

Ureshii Mitakasan

Swiss roll



curry bread

Shops selling "Mitakasan"–Goods handled vary from store to store

Shops selling "Mitakasan" from April 6

  1. Internet Shopping Mall [Mitaka Mall] ( (Japanese language only)
  2. Toho Bakery (1-9-19 Shimorenjaku)
  3. Harvest Oven (9-5-1 Shimorenjaku)
  4. Pan De Garden (4-2-30 Kamirenjaku)
  5. Kashi Chubo Revue (3-37-28 Shimorenjaku)
  6. Petite Noix (6-7-24 Shimorenjaku) *Advance sales only. Orders through Mitaka Mall

Shops beginning sales from May

  1. Sandwich House Sandore (2-10-1 Inokashira)
  2. Patisserie de Delices (3-31-2 Shimorenjaku)
  3. Mitaka Tourist Office (3-24-3 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka Ekimae Kyodo Building F1,Tel.0422-40-5525)
  4. Mitaka Sangyo Plaza (3-38-4 Shimorenjaku)

New products will be on sale at "Sakura Matsuri (the Cherry Blossom Festival)"

New products will be launched at "Sakura Matsuri (the Cherry Blossom Festival)" in Nougyo Kouen on April 5 (Sun). Some products will be on a sale. We look forward very much to seeing you there.

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