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Ticket center Tel.47-5122 Business hours 10:00~19:00 The center is closed on Mondays.
(open on national holidays and closed on Tuesday and Wednesday instead)
WWW (Japanese only) Symbol of a nursery service is available= A nursery service is available.
Please apply at least two weeks before the scheduled date of each performance.

Concert Hall "Kaze"
Mogigi-no Orchestra Haydn 200-Year Commemorative Concert SeriesA nursery service is available.

Daisuke Mogi image

Performers: Daisuke Mogi (planner/conductor/ speaker)
Orchestra Ensemble "Kaze" (orchestral music)
Academic supervisor: Shigemi Osaki (Professor at Toho Gakuen School of Music)
Daisuke Mogi is the principal oboe player in the NHK Symphony Orchestra. In this series of orchestral appreciation concerts, Daisuke will speak about the pieces played.

Vol. 7 April 11 (Sat) from: 17:00

Beethoven: Debut concert in Vienna (exact replica of the program played)
Beethoven’s debut concert, given during his time studying under Haydn, will be reproduced in Mitaka City Arts Center.
Soprano: Miwako Handa Bass/Baritone: Shigeru Hatakeyama
Piano: Yuho Hiramatsu
Program: Haydn/ Arias from [The Creation]
Beethoven/Piano Concerto No. 1, Symphony No. 1, Others

Vol. 8 May 16 (Sat) from: 17:00

The life and symphonic works of Haydn
Soprano: Miwako Handa Bass/Baritone: Shigeru Hatakeyama Others
Program: Haydn/ Arias from [The Creation], Symphony No. 94 [The surprise], Others

Tickets now on sale for both concerts nursery service available
Single concert: All seats reserved Members 3,000 Yen Adults
3,500 Yen Students 1,800 Yen
Two-concert ticket: Members 5,400 Yen Adults 6,300 Yen
* The concerts will last approximately 3.5 hours each.
(2 intermissions)

There will be a total of four pre-concert talks before the concerts.
Please inquire for details.

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