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To live happily with your dogs ~Please register and vaccinate your dogs~

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In Japan, dogs older than 91 days have to be registered with local authorities and have to be vaccinated against rabies once a year. To live happily with your dogs, please register your dogs with the city and make sure they have their vaccinations. Understanding the rules would improve the manners of dog owners.
Inquiries: Environmental Protection Section Ext. 2523


You can register your dog at the Civil Affairs Section (Municipal Office 1st floor) or the Municipal Office branch. Fill in the registration application form and get a license tag.
Fee: 3,000 yen (per dog)

Rabies vaccination and obtaining a rabies vaccination slip

Have your dogs vaccinated at a veterinary clinic. The cost of the vaccination varies depending on the clinic. The rabies vaccination slips are issued at the Civil Affairs Section (Municipal Office 1st floor) or the Municipal Office branch. Show“a rabies vaccination certificate”, which is issued at the clinic, at the counter.
Fee: 550 yen (To obtain a rabies vaccination slip)

Annual Vaccinations

Every May, the city provides vaccinations. Rabies vaccination slips will be issued at the same time.
Vaccination: 3,000 yen
Rabies vaccination slips: 550 yen

Travelling overseas with your dog

Dogs which haven’t been vaccinated against rabies or haven’t had a microchip embedded cannot travel overseas. When you are bringing dogs from overseas, a microchip has to be embedded.

Manners of dog owners

We are receiving complaints about the manners of dog owners.

  • Clean up after your dog.
  • Do not let your dog run loose. Keep a leash on your dog.
  • Discipline your dog.
  • Keep the “license tag” on your dog in case it gets lost.

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