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We help support children under middle-school age with child allowance.

Starting in April 2010, the new child allowance will replace the elementary student allowance currently in place. For each child in their third year of middle school and younger, you will be able to receive a monthly support of 13,000 yen.

Those who need to apply anew

Households who are living in the city as of April 1st, 2010 and

  • are not already enrolled in the elementary student allowance program
  • have children in middle school

* We will send applications to those who are eligible. Please be sure to apply. To apply, you will need a photocopy of the parent’s health insurance card and alien card (front and back). Please ensure that the visa has not expired. If you have not received an application because your child lives outside of Mitaka City or for any other reason, please come by and visit the section in charge.

To all those who are receiving elementary student allowance as of the end of March

You will automatically be transferred into the new child allowance program.You will not need to reapply. We will send you a notification that you have been transferred into the child allowance program.

Inquiries: Child Care Support Section Ext. 2751

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