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Concert Hall “Kaze”
The 200th Anniversary of Chopin 2010A nursery service is available.
Yukio Yokoyama Chopin Project vol.8

Yukio Yokoyama

6/27 (Sun) from 3:00p.m.
Tickets now on sale
All seats reserved. Member 3,500 Yen/Non-member 4,000 yen/Student 2,000 yen

Program : Mazurka op.59, Waltz op.64, Barcarolle op.60, Nocturne op.62, Polonaise-Fantaisie op.61 The great project putting together Chopin’s musical legacy is finally complete. The final performance will focus on the music Chopin composed during the last two years of his life (1845-1847). Masterpieces that will be performed include Polonaise-Fantaisie, the Barcarolle, and more.


Location Concert Hall“Mitaka Public Hall”
Shochiku Grand Kabuki Koshiro Matsumoto “Kanjincho”

Koshiro Matsumoto - Benkei

7/19 (Mon-Holiday) 2:00 p.m.~4:30 p.m.
Tickets now on sale
All seats reserved. S-Seats Members 6,300 yen/nonmembers 7,000 yen A-Seats (Cannot see the runway) Members 5,400 yen/ non-members 6,000 yen

  • Please see the foundation’s website or call to find out about the layout of our S and A seating.
  • English summaries of the performance will be handed out at the foundation ticket counter.
  • There is also headphone guide available in Japanese. (With a fee)

Starring : Koshiro Matsumoto, Kaishun Nakamura, Baigyoku Nakamura, Others

A popular kabuki play about Minamotono Yoshitsune and Benkei during the Heian period. The play revolves around the themes of loyalty between master and servant and human emotion. Benkei’s fight scenes and his powerful performance are highlights of the play.

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