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Mitaka Solar System Walk Stamp Rally 2013
Until October 27 (Sun.)

By shrinking the entire solar system to 1/1.3 billionth the scale of its actual size, giving Earth a diameter of one centimeter and placing the sun at Mitaka Station, we can scatter the celestial bodies to Pluto within the Mitaka City limits. The Mitaka Solar System Walk, which marks its fifth year this year, divides the city's communities into eleven areas corresponding to the celestial bodies of the solar system. The stamp rally is a fun way of walking through the town, visiting shops and facilities in each area. Why not get a stamp rally map and walk through Mitaka City, the Town with an Astronomical Observatory, and experience the range of the solar system?


◇Collect Stamps and Win Astronomy-Related Goods!
Stamp rally maps are available at such locations as Mitaka Network University and the Mitaka City Tourism Association Office. Let's visit the shops and facilities written on the map and collect the stamps. When you meet the designated requirements, such as certain types and numbers of stamps, you can receive an original event prize. You can claim your prize at Mitaka Network University or the Mitaka City Tourism Association Office.
Note: The supply of prizes is limited.

◆Enjoy the Stamp Rally by Renting a Bicycle
Suzukake Bicycle Parking Lot, located near Mitaka Station, has a rent-a-cycle service that is convenient for visiting more distant stamp rally sites. Please feel free to take advantage of this service.
Rental Location: Suzukake Bycycle Parking Lot (3-16-7 Shimorenjaku, Tel: 0422-72-8355)
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (reception is open until 4:30 p.m.)
Rental Fee: ¥300 per bicycle (per day)
Note: The rental bicycles are 26-inch city bicycles.

◆Town Science Café
During the stamp rally, participating food and beverage outlets in the communities set up a Science Café. Let’s enjoy a delicious meal and fascinating lectures on science by specialists. Details have been posted on the Mitaka Network University website. Don’t miss it!
URL: (in Japanese)

Inquiries: Mitaka Network University, Tel: 0422-40-0313
Official website for the event URL: (in Japanese)


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