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Be Careful—The Season of Torrential Rains Happening Frequently Is Coming

To prevent damage from heavy rains, be prepared and think of countermeasures.

Inquiries: Disaster Preparedness Section, Ext. 2284


◆ Always Be Prepared

◇ Check the level of flood risk in advance using the Mitaka City Flood Hazard Map.
It is wise to check in advance the level of flood risk of the community where you live and of places you go to regularly, such as your workplace and the route you use to get to work or school. The city’s flood hazard map is available at the Disaster Preparedness Section (Municipal Office 3F) and municipal office branches, and can also be downloaded from the city’s website (URL:

◇Flood Prevention Around Your Home
Gutters and drains that become clogged with leaves or debris delay drainage in the sewage pipes, and can cause flooding. Clean your gutters and drains often. Also, do not place things such as ramps to eliminate differences in grade or other items on top of gutters and drains.

◇Flood Countermeasures at Home
If you wrap a plastic ground sheet around planters with soil in them and line them up by the door of your home, they will serve as a countermeasure for up to about 10-centimeters of flood. If you fill double-layered 40-liter garbage bags halfway with water and tie the opening of the bag tightly, they can be used as simple water bags. Placing water bags in a cardboard box makes them easier to carry and set into place. It is a good idea to prepare items that can be used to prevent flooding in your home.
Note: Sandbags are available from the city. If you need them, please contact the Road and City Traffic Management Section, Ext. 2855 (used sandbags will not be collected).

◆If There Is Heavy Rainfall

◇ Check the Latest Weather Information

◇ Be Careful about Going Underground or Outside
Since heavy rains can flow into underground or semi-underground floors, making it impossible to open the door due to water pressure, avoid going into underground facilities when it rains heavily. If you are outside, use an umbrella or stick to check the ground to make sure you don’t fall into a manhole or gutter whose lid has come off due to overflowing sewage.

◇ Refrain from Draining Water and Use These Sewage Backflow Countermeasures
The sewage system may not be able to handle all the water during a heavy rain, so there may be a backflow of sewage. To avoid this, refrain from draining water—such as from your laundry machine or bathtub—and block drain outlets and toilets with water bags.


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