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Follow Bicycle Traffic Rules and Practice Common Courtesy

◇ Keep the Rules! The Five Main Rules for Safe Bicycle Riding

1. Ride your bicycle on the street; ride on the sidewalk only in special cases
As a rule, you must ride your bicycle on the street if the sidewalk and street are separated.
Note: Riding on the sidewalk is permitted if there is a sign “Bicycles and Pedestrians Only,” or if bicycles must be ridden on the sidewalk for safety reasons.

2. Keep left on the street
Bicycles must be ridden on the left side of the street (riding on the right side is prohibited).

3. On the sidewalk, carry the principle of people first; proceed slowly on the side closer to the street
When riding on a sidewalk, stay on the side nearest the street, and ride at a speed slow enough that you can stop immediately. Do not ride in a dangerous manner, such as trying to forcefully pass others, or ringing your bell to clear the path of pedestrians for yourself.

4. Observe traffic rules
It is prohibited to ride under the influence of alcohol, with a passenger or next to another bicycle. Always turn your headlights on at night, obey traffic lights and “Stop” signs, and check to make sure it is safe before proceeding.

5. Children should wear helmets
Parents/guardians of children under thirteen years of age must make sure that he/she wears a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Bicycle Riders Who Repeatedly Violate Rules Must Attend Bicycle Riders Class

According to partial revisions of the Road Traffic Law that went into effect on June 1, bicycle riders who repeatedly violate traffic laws and are clearly ignoring the laws must attend bicycle riders class. Violations include ignoring traffic lights or “Stop” signs, and riding without braking. Riders who break these rules two or more times within three years must attend a class (note: fees are charged). A violator who does not obey the order to attend it must pay a fine of up to 50,000 yen.

Inquiries: Road and City Traffic Management Section, Ext. 2883


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