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Mitaka Kiwi Wine Is Being Sold at Liquor Shops in the City

About 8,000 bottles of Mitaka Kiwi Wine—made from kiwi fruit produced by the farmers in the city who join the Mitaka Fruit-grower Association—went on sale at 23 liquor shops in the city.
This year’s wine is once again a wonderful product making maximum use of the fragrance of kiwi. The White wine is crisp and dry, the Rosé is slightly sweet and the Nigori (cloudy) wine has a savory sweetness. Please try them!

◆ Selling Prices (including tax)
White wine and Rosé: 1,337 yen per bottle (720 ml)
Nigori wine: 1,646 yen per bottle (720 ml)

Inquiries: Joshuya Yamamoto Shop, Tel: 0422-31-7245
City Livelihood and Economy Section, Ext. 2543


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