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Exhibition of Osamu Dazai’s Works and Belongings from the Tsushima Family Collection

June 13 (Sat.) through 28 (Sun.)
Fee: Free of charge
Sponsored by: Mitaka City and the Mitaka City Arts Foundation
In cooperation with: Sonoko Tsushima, Satoko Tsushima, the Tadahiko Hayashi Photo Research Office, and the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature

Mitaka City will be exhibiting items that belonged to Osamu Dazai, entrusted to us by the Tsushima family. A total of seventy of Dazai’s works and belongings from his days in Mitaka will be shown.
A leading contemporary author of Japan, Dazai lived in Mitaka with his wife Michiko from September 1939. With various items on display—such as writing, pictures, and documents related to everyday life—this exhibit will be somewhat different from the usual literature exhibition.
June is the month of Dazai’s birth, as well as the month of mourning his death. Enjoy these reference materials treasured by the Tsushima family “coming home” to Mitaka for the first time in ages.

Inquiries: Mitaka City Yuzo Yamamoto Memorial Museum
Tel: 0422-42-6233

Osamu Dazai, Self-Portrait, 1947 Painted in the studio of Hamae Sakurai, who lived near Mitaka Station


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