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Opening on April 1—Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention and Genki Creation Plaza!

Inquiries: Mitaka City Sports and Culture Foundation, Tel: 0422-45-1111

Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention and Genki Creation Plaza—a center for healthy development designed to ensure that our town is strong in the face of disaster, combined with various other functions—will open on April 1 (Sat.). We look forward to welcoming as many visitors as possible to this venue, which will energize you through a broad range of activities and friendly exchanges.

◆ Description
Address: 6-37-1 Shinkawa, Mitaka City
Property: 19,993.79 m2
Building: 8,790.62 m2
Total floor space: 23,677.31 m2

No. of floors: Above ground: five; Underground: two

◆ Description of facilities
◇ Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention: A park composed of three outdoor plazas, with play equipment geared for children as well as equipment related to disaster prevention, such as temporary toilets for disasters. This park will also function as a temporary evacuation site when a disaster strikes.
◇ SUBARU General Sports Center (B2F to 1F): Equipped with arenas, a pool and a training room, this center promotes health and sports. Sports classes will also be held here. Subaru Corporation was selected as the naming rights partner, and the facility will be known as the SUBARU General Sports Center.
◇ Genki Creation Plaza
・ Development Support Center for Children (1F): This is a rehabilitation support facility with specialized support for children’s development.
・ Comprehensive Health Care Center (2F): The center conducts various types of health checkups, consultations, and immunizations, and also provides holiday emergency dental treatment and childbirth/childrearing support.
・ Welfare Center (3F): A center for community welfare and welfare for the elderly in the city. The Mitaka City Council of Social Welfare Office and the Elderly Welfare Center are located here.
・ Lifelong Study Center (4F and 5F): To provide opportunities and a venue for lifelong learning at various stages in life, the center has a hall equipped with a stage and large screen, classrooms, a Japanese-style room, a cooking classroom, an art room with a kiln for ceramics, etc.
・ Disaster Prevention Center (5F): Equipped with a disaster information system, this center will serve as a base for reinforcing the city’s crisis management system.
Note: For more information on the hours and procedures on how to use each facility, and a schedule of sports classes and lifelong learning classes, please visit the Mitaka City website or the Mitaka City Sports and Culture Foundation website (URL:

Odakyu or Keio Bus: A five-minute walk from the Mitaka Shiyakusho-mae or Mitaka Nokyo-mae bus stop
Mitaka City Bus: Mitaka Chuo Bosai Koen/Genki Sozo Plaza (Shiyakusho-Higashi) bus stop on the Kitano Route, Shinkawa & Nakahara Route, Mitakadai & Hikojo Route (Mitakadai Route and Seibu Route has been merged).
Note: From March 30, the routes and schedules for Mitaka City Bus will change, with the abovementioned three routes stopping at the new facility. For more information, please visit the Mitaka City website.


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