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Check Your Health with Annual Special Health Checkups and Health Checkups for the Latter-Term Elderly

Inquiries: Public Health Promotion Section, Ext. 4213

Mitaka City offers special health checkups for those forty years of age and older who are enrolled in the Mitaka City National Health Insurance plan, and latter-term elderly health checkups to those who are enrolled in Latter-Term Elderly Health Insurance. These free health checkups are implemented to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses or at least detect them at an early stage. Since you can undergo a health checkup at 60 locations within Mitaka City free of charge, please take advantage of this service.

Checkup period: Those born between April and July: Until September 30 (checkup slips have been mailed in late April); those born between August and November: July 1 through November 30 (checkup slips have been mailed in late June); those born between December and March: October 1 through February 28, 2018 (checkup slips will be mailed in late September).
Eligibility: Special Health Checkup: Residents enrolled in National Health Insurance in Mitaka City, who will be between 40 and 75 years of age by March 31, 2018; Health Checkup for the Latter-Term Elderly: Residents enrolled in the Latter-Term Elderly Medical Insurance plan (must be enrolled in the insurance plan by April 1)
Application: Apply to a cooperating medical institution in Mitaka City (see the list of medical institutions enclosed with the checkup slip).
Note: If there is a change in your insurance membership or if you move out of Mitaka City before the checkup date, you will no longer be eligible for this exam. Those enrolled in the health insurance plan at their place of employment, and dependents of such, should inquire with the health insurance union they belong to. If you belong to a household that lives on welfare, please consult your case worker.


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