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“Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals”

New Special Exhibition at the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka!

© Museo d'Arte Ghibli © Studio Ghibli

The Mitaka Ghibli Museum’s newest exhibition, “Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals,” started on May 27, spotlighting memorable meal scenes from Studio Ghibli works that remain strong in the minds of many. Lots of original animation drafts will be displayed as well as production reference materials that explain how an animation is made.
At the entrance of the exhibit room there will be a photo panel exhibit of memorable meals, as well as sample menus. For those who have enjoyed these works, this area will be like living in a dream (pictured).
Another area will explain selected meal scenes, such as when Chihiro stuffs her mouth with a rice ball in Spirited Away and when Fio is drinking lemonade in Porco Rosso. This exhibit will explore Studio Ghibli’s focus on quality, such as the techniques and skills used to make an unforgettable dining scene—including facial expressions and body language used to make the food appear delicious—and the artist’s intentions.
In addition to meal scenes, many Studio Ghibli films also have scenes in which characters are preparing a meal. The re-creations of the kitchen in Satsuki and Mei’s house from My Neighbor Totoro and the kitchen of the airship Tiger Moth from Castle in the Sky is another a spotlight of the exhibition.
A “Learning Dining” section will feature reference materials that were actually used when creating the movie.
Please enjoy the special secret of these scenes that make Studio Ghibli’s movies so rich and vibrant.

Exhibition dates: Until May 2018 (subject to change)
Note: Admission to the museum is on a reservation basis. Tickets are obtainable by reserving the desired date and time at Lawson (for the general public) or at the Mitaka Tourist Information Center. (There is a special discount for those who live, go to school or work in Mitaka City, Musashino City, Koganei City and Nishitokyo City.)

Inquiries: Ghibli Museum Guidance Dial, Tel: 0570-055777 (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except when the museum is closed; Japanese only), URL:
Note: The museum is closed on Tuesdays. There are also winter holidays and other long-term closures.


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