Mitaka City

Mitaka Solar System Walk Stamp Rally 2017

Inquiries: Mitaka Network University, Tel: 0422-40-0313
Official website for the event, URL: (From September 1)

Dates: September 22 (Fri.) to October 22 (Sun.)

◇ Walk across the solar system (1.3-billionth scale)!
By shrinking the entire solar system to 1.3-billionth the scale of its actual size and placing the sun at Mitaka Station, we can scatter the celestial bodies to Pluto within the Mitaka City limits. The city’s communities are divided into eleven areas corresponding to the solar system’s celestial bodies. You can walk through town, collect stamps at participating shops and facilities in each area, and experience the vastness of outer space.

◇ Collect stamps and win astronomy-related goods!
Stamp rally maps are available locations such as at the Mitaka Network University, the Mitaka City Tourism Association Office and at participating shops and facilities (246 locations). Collect the designated number of stamps and you’ll receive a prize (an original astronomical item). You can claim your prize at Mitaka Network University or the Mitaka City Tourism Association Office until October 29 (Sun.).
Note: The supply of prizes is limited.

◇ Limited-edition comet stamps are available
The limited-edition comet stamp will be available at 18 locations in conjunction with events in Mitaka City. Participate in these events to collect the stamps!
1. Check the stamp rally map for more information on events where the comet stamp is available.
2. Events may be canceled in inclement weather.



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